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TENG0105, English: Writing (CEFR B2), 3 ECTS cr.
Code TENG0105 Teaching languages English
Name English: Writing (CEFR B2) Abbreviation name English: Writin 
Credits 3 ECTS cr.  Organisation Open University 
Type Virtual study  Grading Pass, Fail, Grades 1-5 
Time 05.08.2019 -30.08.2019 Further information  
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Last modified 12.09.2019


This course is held completely online during August 2019, starting on Monday, 5 August and ending on Friday, 30 August. Please note that this course requires participants to have internet and computer access and basic IT-skills. In order to meet the course requirements, students have to participate actively and regularly in discussions, feedback sessions and other activities and tasks on the online learning platform and complete several more extensive written assignments.

The course is based on an understanding of writing as a process and a social practice.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:
• improve their ability to communicate in written English.
• demonstrate an ability to write for different audiences and for different purposes
• understand writing as a process and employ strategies of process writing
• write clear, reasonably fluent texts in English relatively free from mechanical errors
• apply feedback to their own writing


Writing about a variety of discipline-related topics and writing for various purposes.


Individual writing, peer feedback, online discussions. Exercises and tasks completed on the online learning platform.


Successful completion of all writing assignments and other tasks on time and active participation in online discussion.



Target Group 

Third-year students


Open university teacher Pia Eriksson

Language of instruction 





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