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TSAK0201 German: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1), 3 ECTS cr. 
Code TSAK0201  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name German: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1)  Abbreviation German: Reading 
Credits3 ECTS cr.  Date of expiry  
TypeLanguage studies Subject0007 German 
ClassCourse  Hours  
Study right   GradingPass, Fail, Grades 1-5 
Recommended timing 
Organisation Language Centre 


Having successfully completed the course the student will be able
1. to read short texts related to their subject of study
2. to acquire knowledge of strategies of reading comprehension
3. to use the strategies in solving problems arising from difficult vocabulary or complex grammar 
4. to achieve the level B1 of the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


The course focuses on reading technique and clause analysis. In addition, the students get to know the vocabulary and culture related to the subject matter. The texts are chosen according to the students' majors.

Previous studies 

Upper secondary school or equivalent.
If the student is not sure he/she is at the appropriate starting level, the level can be raised by completing the optional German language courses 1 to 4. The student may also contact the teacher, who will evaluate the student’s language skill when necessary. The grammar repetition course XSAK0221 also gives the student an opportunity to activate his/her language skills.


Guidance in reading technique as well as text and structure exercises, 36 h. Reading exercises in the Internet. Independent work. Final exam.


Regular attendance and active participation in exercises are required to complete the course.




Autumn term

Target Group 

Third- or fourth-year students.


Peter Sippel

Language of instruction 

Finnish or English


Compulsory for tourism students who take German as their II foreign language.

Additional information 

Alternative courses:
TSAK0201 German: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1)
TRAN0201 French: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1)
TVEN0201 Venäjän tekstin ymmärtäminen (CEFR B1)
TESP0201 Spanish: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1)
TSAA0201 Saamen tekstin ymmärtäminen (CEFR B1)


Current and upcoming courses
Functions Name Type ECTS cr. Teacher Schedule
Reg. time not started Saksan tekstin ymmärtäminen  Group Exercise  Peter Sippel 
03.11.21wed 15.30-17.45
04.11.21thu 12.30-14.45
10.11.21wed 15.30-17.45
11.11.21thu 12.30-14.45
17.11.21wed 15.30-17.45
18.11.21thu 12.30-14.45
24.11.21wed 15.30-17.45
25.11.21thu 12.30-14.45
01.12.21wed 15.30-17.45
02.12.21thu 12.30-14.45
08.12.21wed 15.30-17.45
09.12.21thu 12.30-14.45

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