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TESP0201 Spanish: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1), 3 ECTS cr. 
Code TESP0201  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Spanish: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1)  Abbreviation Spanish: Readin 
Credits3 ECTS cr.  Date of expiry  
TypeLanguage studies Subject0045 Spanish 
ClassCourse  Hours  
Study right   GradingPass, Fail, Grades 1-5 
Recommended timing 
Organisation Language Centre 


Having successfully completed the course the student will be able
1) to read short texts related to their subject of study
2) to acquire knowledge of strategies of reading comprehension
3) to use the strategies in solving problems arising from difficult vocabulary or complex grammar 
4) to achieve the level B1 of the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


Development of the ability to grasp the main ideas of a text, analyze and present them clearly orally or/and in writing, vocabulary development, development of the reading strategies appropriate to each type of text and development of the ability to decipher complex syntactical and grammatical structures.

Previous studies 

XESP0001-4 Spanish 1-4 or equivalent, i.e. high school Spanish.


Individual reading, discussion in small groups and in a whole-class format, some pair work. In class exercises 36 h.


Homework (reading and summary writing), regular class attendance, participation in small groups and class discussions, oral or written presentations or final exam.

More literature information and extra material 

Articles supplied by the teacher or found by the student (texts integrated with main subject of study).


Pass/fail based on completion of the work for the course.


Spring term

Target Group 

Third- or fourth-year students.


Gabriel Chavez

Language of instruction 

English (if necessary)


Compulsory for tourism students who take Spanish as their II foreign language.

Additional information 

Alternative courses:
TESP0201 Spanish: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1)
TITA0201 Italian tekstin ymmärtäminen (CEFR B1)
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TVEN0201 Venäjän tekstin ymmärtäminen (CEFR B1)


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Registration not required. Spanish: Reading Comprehension  Group Exercise  Gabriel Chavez 
14.01.22fri 09.15-11.30
18.01.22tue 09.15-11.30
20.01.22thu 09.15-11.30
24.01.22mon 09.15-11.30
26.01.22wed 09.15-11.30
28.01.22fri 09.15-11.30
01.02.22tue 09.15-11.30
03.02.22thu 09.15-11.30
07.02.22mon 09.15-11.30

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