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XFIN0004 Finnish for Foreigners 4 (CEFR A2), 3 ECTS cr. 
Code XFIN0004  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Finnish for Foreigners 4 (CEFR A2)  Abbreviation Finnish for For 
Credits3 ECTS cr.  Date of expiry  
TypeLanguage studies Subject0028 Finnish 
ClassCourse  Hours  
Study right   GradingPass, Fail, Grades 1-5 
Recommended timing 
Organisation Language Centre 

General learning material of the study object:
Author Title Year Obligatory Availability
     Gehring, Sonja.   Suomen mestari : suomen kielen oppikirja aikuisille. 2 / Sonja Gehring, Sanni Heinzmann ; piirroskuvat: Jenni Lindfors .   2012  - Availability


The objective of the course is to advance the knowledge of Finnish basic vocabulary and structures so that the students can communicate orally and textually in moderately easy everyday situations. In addition, the participants get acquainted with some special features of Finnish culture and can make comparisons between culture in Finland and in their home country.

Having completed the course, the student will be able
1. to manage routine conversations and understand the core content of simple conversations and texts of his/her own interest
2. to write simple messages about everyday issues and can talk about events also in the past tense
3. to know the simplest basic grammar and the basic vocabulary related to everyday situations
4. to achieve the level A2 of the CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).


All sectors of language skills are practiced on the course: pronunciation, speech, speech comprehension, writing, reading, and grammar. However, the main emphasis is on studying the structures of basic grammar and practicing oral skills and speech comprehension.

Previous studies 

The course is available to those who have completed the Finnish for Foreigners 3 course and to those with corresponding skills.


Working individually, in pairs, and in small groups. Independent work. Exercises 36 h.


Active participation in exercises (80 %). Final exam.


5-1/fail based on class work, homework, and the final exam.


Spring term


Maija Paatero

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