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MTEO0613 Industrial Design Advanced Project/ Interactive Design, 10 ECTS cr. 
Code MTEO0613  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Industrial Design Advanced Project/ Interactive Design  Abbreviation Industrial Desi 
Credits10 ECTS cr.  Date of expiry  
TypeAdvanced studies Subject0065 Industrial Design 
ClassCourse  Hours  
Study right   GradingPass, Fail, Grades 1-5 
Recommended timing 
Organisation Faculty of Art and Design 


Having completed the course students can

- have an overview to different interaction design techniques

- recognize the phases and tasks related to designing interactive products and user interfaces (UIs)

- apply the methods of interaction design in the contexts of graphical user interfaces (GUI) and beyond desktop UIs

- apply different methods in interaction design project work

- collaborate with different stakeholders, for example business, research, and end-users, in the context of interaction design



Comprehensive project work focusing on interaction design. Introduction of different phases of interaction design process. Different interaction design techniques on graphical user interfaces and mobile and ubiquitous interaction. The project work entails the application of interaction design and UI prototyping methods.


Previous studies 

Bachelor’s studies, or can be included as part of international exchange studies.


Lectures as well as project work under supervision and independently, a total of 270 hours.


Active participation in lecture and project work, completed project assignments, and a written report.

Supplementary Literature 

Material announced during the course.





2nd and 3rd period


Target Group 

Exchange students (BA), Industrial Design students (MA, years 4 – 5)




Jonna Häkkilä


Language of instruction 






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Reg. time is off. Industrial Design Advanced Project/ Interactive Design  Lecture course  10  Jonna Häkkilä,
Tomi Knuutila 
23.10.19wed 09.15-13.00
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11.12.19wed 09.15-14.00

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