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KERI0213-11 Barries to learning, 3.5 ECTS cr. 
Code KERI0213-11  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Barries to learning  Abbreviation Barries to lear 
Credits3.5 ECTS cr.  Date of expiry  
TypeBasic studies Subject0105 Special Pedagogy 
ClassCourse component  Hours  
Study right   GradingPass, Fail, Grades 1-5 
Recommended timing 
Organisation Faculty of Education 

General learning material of the study object:
Author Title Year Obligatory Availability
     Nissilä, L. & Sarlin, H-M.  Maahanmuuttajien oppimisvaikeudet   2009  - Availability
     Lyytinen, H., Ahonen, T., Korhonen, T., Korkman, M. & Riitta, T.  Oppimisvaikeudet neuropsykologinen näkökulma  2002  - Availability
     Kaski, M., Manninen, A., Mölsä, P. & Pihko, H.  Kehitysvammaisuus  2009  - Availability
     Uusikylä, Kari   Lahjakkaiden kasvatus   1994  - Availability


At the successful completion of the course, the student can describe specific learning difficulties, intellectual disability and giftedness. She/he can identify the causes of barriers to learning and theoretical approaches that underpin our understandings of these barriers. She/he can explain how multicultural aspects, specific learning difficulties, intellectual disability and giftedness are connected with learning, and understands how different pedagogical approaches can be used to support the diverse needs of learners.


The course consists of an exploration of barriers to learning and dimension of intelligence through a literacy review.


Independent studies.

More literature information and extra material 

Literature assignment to be agreed with the course leader.



1.  Swanson, H.L., Harris, K.R. & Graham, S. (eds) 2003. Handbook of learning disabilities. New York: The Guilford Press. (available on EBrary).

2. Glynn, T., Wearmouth, J. & Berryman, M. 2005. Supporting Students with Literacy Difficulties. Maidenhead: Open University Press, McGraw-Hill Education. (available on EBrary)

3. Harris, J.C. 2006. Intellectual Disability: Understanding its Development, Causes, Classification, Evaluation, and Treatment. New York: Oxford University Press. (available on EBrary)

4. Sternberg, R.J. (ed) 2004. International Handbook of Intelligence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (available on Ebrary)


5 - 1 / fail


Autumn and spring semester


Senior lecturer, special education


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