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UTAK0117 Painting, 4 ECTS cr. 
Code UTAK0117  Validity 01.01.1950 -
Name Painting  Abbreviation Painting 
Credits4 ECTS cr.  Date of expiry  
TypeBasic studies Subject0150 Art 
ClassCourse  Hours  
Study right   GradingPass, Fail, Grades 1-5 
Recommended timing 
Organisation Faculty of Art and Design 


After completing the course the student is able to

- use the most common drawing and painting equipment and material

- apply basic composition and colour theory in his/her own creative work


Practising the basic techniques of drawing and painting. Applying content of the course “Introduction to visual thinking” into practise. The workshop will be tailored to meet the needs of each degree program of the faculty


Guided exercises and critique 48 hours, independent work 60 hours


Active participation to exercises and successful completion of assignments

More literature information and extra material 

Will be announced during the course


5-1 / failed


Period 3.- 4. depending on the field of study

Target Group 

First year students


Esa Meltaus

Language of instruction 

Finnish and/or Englishi


Current and upcoming courses
Functions Name Type ECTS cr. Teacher Schedule
Reg. time is off. Painting  Group Exercise  Esa Meltaus 
15.11.21mon 09.00-17.00
16.11.21tue 09.00-17.00
23.11.21tue 09.00-17.00
24.11.21wed 09.00-17.00
25.11.21thu 09.00-17.00
07.12.21tue 09.00-17.00
08.12.21wed 09.00-17.00
09.12.21thu 09.00-17.00
13.12.21mon 09.00-17.00
14.12.21tue 09.00-17.00
15.12.21wed 09.00-17.00
16.12.21thu 09.00-17.00
17.12.21fri 09.00-17.00
Registration not required. Painting  Group Exercise  Esa Meltaus 
10.01.22mon 09.00-17.00
11.01.22tue 09.00-17.00
17.01.22mon 09.00-17.00
18.01.22tue 09.00-17.00
19.01.22wed 09.00-17.00
24.01.22mon 09.00-17.00
25.01.22tue 09.00-17.00
31.01.22mon 09.00-17.00
01.02.22tue 09.00-17.00
02.02.22wed 09.00-17.00
07.02.22mon 09.00-17.00
08.02.22tue 09.00-17.00
09.02.22wed 09.00-17.00
Registration not required. Painting  Group Exercise  Esa Meltaus 
02.05.22mon 09.00-17.00
03.05.22tue 09.00-17.00
04.05.22wed 09.00-17.00
05.05.22thu 09.00-17.00
06.05.22fri 09.00-17.00
09.05.22mon 09.00-17.00
10.05.22tue 09.00-17.00
11.05.22wed 09.00-17.00
16.05.22mon 09.00-17.00
17.05.22tue 09.00-17.00
18.05.22wed 09.00-17.00
19.05.22thu 09.00-17.00
20.05.22fri 09.00-17.00

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