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YMAT0211 Sustainable Rural and Urban Tourism, 5 op 
Koodi YMAT0211  Voimassaolo 01.01.1950 - 31.07.2018
Nimi Sustainable Rural and Urban Tourism  Lyhenne Sustainable Rur 
Laajuus5 op  Vanhenemisaika  
TyyppiAineopinnot Oppiaine0446 Matkailututkimus 
LajiOpintojakso  Tuntimäärä  
Opinto-oikeus   ArvosteluHyväksytty, hylätty, arvosanat 1-5 
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Vastuuyksikkö Yhteiskuntatieteiden tiedekunta 


The aim of the course is to familiarize students with sustainable tourism development in urban, rural and peripheral areas and with several tools that are used in sustainable development. After completion of the course the student is able to
- define characteristics of urban and rural areas and the opportunities and challenges the characteristics create for tourism development
- evaluate the role of tourism in developing viability in different areas
- take the role of locals into account when planning sustainable tourism
- apply tools that are used in sustainable tourism development.


Participatory planning of tourism areas, sosio-cultural and environmental sustainability, tourism as part of local livelihoods, tourism development strategies, concepts of center-periphery, arctic, Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC), environmental and social impact assessment as part of planning.

Edeltävät opinnot 

YMAT0100 Basic Studies in Tourism Research, especially YMAT0114 Sustainability in Tourism

Toteutus ja työmuodot 

Lectures (20 h), including guest lectures and a field trip to near-by tourism destination. Independent studying (115 h).

Vaadittavat suoritukset 

Written assignment (a case report) based on course material and literature


Hall, C. M., Müller, D. K. & Saarinen, J. (eds.) (2009). Nordic Tourism. Issues and Cases. Channel View Publications. (Luvut 4 ja 5).
Hall, C. M. & Page, S. J. (2002). The Geography of Tourism and Recreation. Environment, Place and Space. Second edition. Routledge. (Luvut 5 ja 6). 
Müller, D. K., Lundmark, L. & Lemelin, R. H. (eds.) (2013). New Issues in Polar Tourism. Communities, Environments, Politics. Springer. 
Müller, D. & Jansson, B. (eds.) (2007). Tourism in Peripheries. Perspectives from the Far North and South. 
Swarbrooke, J. (1999). Sustainable Tourism Managment. CABI.  


1st period


2nd year


Senior Lecturer of Tourism Research






Course is available for all MTI students.


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