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ONEVAL0018 Legal Culture and Legal system in Chinese Society, 5 op 
Koodi ONEVAL0018  Voimassaolo 01.01.1950 -
Nimi Legal Culture and Legal system in Chinese Society  Lyhenne Legal Culture a 
Laajuus5 op  Vanhenemisaika  
TyyppiAineopinnot Oppiaine0300 Oikeustiede 
LajiOpintojakso  Tuntimäärä  
Opinto-oikeus   ArvosteluHyväksytty, hylätty, arvosanat 1-5 
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Matti Nojonen 


After the completion of the course students

- have a good knowledge of the legal traditions, culture, system and practices of China
- possess basic understanding of theories of legal culture and system
- understand challenges of creating a rule of law based society in China
- acquire a comprehensive understanding of modern Chinese legal institutions, court structure and personnel and their relationship with the Party structure.
- obtain knowledge of a specific features of modern Chinese law based on decided focus areas.


We approach law and legal practices from a cultural and institutional point of view. In order to understand the continuous strive of Beijing to develop a rule of law based society and consequent ‘harmonious society’ in China it is of paramount importance to grasp the role of legal culture in China and to unearth the complex relationship between the legal system and ruling party and to divulge the relationship between central and regional authorities in China. In this course we will study what the concept of rule of law means in general and in the Chinese context in particular. In seeking answer to this question we will begin by looking into the legal tradition and culture of Imperial China and development of legal system in contemporary China. Then the course moves over to current legal issues of providing a comprehensive understanding of modern Chinese legal institutions, court structure, and personnel associated with law, the strive of developing an independent judiciary system within the one-party state structure. Eventually, we will observe and study current legal practices against this background. Each year the course focuses on one or two particular sectors of development of rule of law in China; for instance law and economic development, law and human rights or Chinese anti-terrorist law and its impact on foreign companies and global community.

Further notice for students of Faculty of Law
Students of law have the following options in completing the Legal culture and legal system of China course:

A) You can complete and register the course as a full 5 ECTS course.
B) After the completion of the course you have the option to utilize 2 ETCS of this course to substitute the required 2 ECTS of the Chinese Legal Culture module of the Legal Cultures course (OTM00063). In choosing this option the remaining 3 ECTS credits (ONEVAL0018) will be registered to your system.

Please notice that if you decide to choose option B) you are required to pass the general introductory part (1 ECTS, responsible teacher Jaakko Husa) and totally two modules (2 ECTS/module) dealing with different legal cultures of Legal cultures 5 ETCS course (OTM0006).

Edeltävät opinnot 

No previous studies required.

Toteutus ja työmuodot 

Lectures and exercises (24 h), groupwork / seminar (3 h), independent work

Vaadittavat suoritukset 

It is required to attend and pass all parts of the course to receive a final course grade.

Lisätietoja kirjallisuudesta ja muusta materiaalista 

The study material of the course consists of journal articles and book chapters that will be delivered to students before the course will begin.


Grades 1-5/fail
The lecturer(s) will inform the evaluation method of the course.



Professor Matti Nojonen, University of Lapland

Professor Matti Nojonen, University of Lapland
Prof Timo Koivurova, Arctic Center, Uni of Lapland (visiting lecturer)


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pidetty Legal Culture and Legal system in Chinese Society, lectures 17h  Luento  Matti Nojonen 
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