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OTMEVAL0015 China - Business and State, 5 op 
Koodi OTMEVAL0015  Voimassaolo 01.01.1950 - 31.07.2018
Nimi China - Business and State  Lyhenne China - Busines 
Laajuus5 op  Vanhenemisaika  
TyyppiSyventävät opinnot Oppiaine0300 Oikeustiede 
LajiOpintojakso  Tuntimäärä  
Opinto-oikeus   ArvosteluHyväksytty, hylätty, arvosanat 1-5 
Suositeltu suoritusaika 
Vastuuyksikkö Oikeustieteiden tiedekunta 

Matti Nojonen 


 Upon completion of the course students
- possess comprehension of causes and contradiction of Chinese economy development
- understand main challenges of operating at the increasingly competitive Chinese markets
- discern the role of politics of Beijing in shaping the global and domestic competition.
- are able to distinguish and analyze Chinese business behavior and economic policies on different layers; central and regional levels.
- have knowledge on the role and patterns of Chinese companies investing abroad in particular at the Arctic regions.



The course penetrates a broad range of issues that are directing and conditioning current Chinese economic development and role in the world order, Chinese business practices, heterogenic market and strategic behavior. Course themes include critical examination of traditional culture with emphasize on societal, economic and institutional development of the reform (post-1978) era of China. The analysis of this macro-level background provides the institutional texture that conditions the current market and business behavior in China. At the micro-level the course covers managerial, networking (guanxi), strategic thinking, and cross-cultural communication challenges and negotiation cultures in increasingly heterogenic China. We will also analyze the growing Chinese economic activities in the Arctic regions; how Beijing and Chinese companies are mounting their influence and presence in the Arctic regions.

Edeltävät opinnot 

No previous studies required

Toteutus ja työmuodot 

Lectures and exercises (27 h), groupwork/seminar (3 h), independent work

Vaadittavat suoritukset 

It is required to attend and pass all parts of the course to receive a final course grade.

Lisätietoja kirjallisuudesta ja muusta materiaalista 

The study material of the course consists of journal articles and book chapters that will be delivered to students before the course will begin.


Grades 1-5/fail
The lecturer(s) will inform the evaluation method of the course.


Professor Matti Nojonen, University of Lapland


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