Study guide's ART/TTK - Interior and Textile Design Spring Module 18-19, 2018-19 information (E)

Information Courses Exams Courses and modules

FTEK1012 Textile History                                                                      2 cr.
FTEK3401 Surface Design                                                                     5 cr.

FTEK3202 Experimental Textile Expression Workshop                             6 cr.
FTEK5005 Printing                                                                               3 cr

FTEK2117 Woven interior textiles                                                         3 cr.
FTES7001 Advanced Project 5-10 cr. (For master students only)

Art and Design Studies:

MAAD1102 Introduction to Arctic Cultures                                            5 cr.

UART1114 History of Design and Architecture in Finland                      4-8 cr.

UART1101 Fine Art Excursion in Lapland                                              5 cr.

UART1102 Finnish Design                                                                   4 cr.

UART1105 Introduction to Service Design                                            5 cr.

UMUO0225 Design Project                                                                  6 cr.