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The E-LOCAL (Electronically Learning Other Cultures and Languages) language courses are a collection of beginner's courses in six languages:


These online courses are made for beginners; therefore, their CEFR level is A1. The courses are open for students and staff. The support language for learning is English.

At the moment, the E-LOCAL courses do not entitle the student to any study credits. However, the courses are freely accessible.

Learning environment

The E-LOCAL courses are available on a Moodle platform at >Courses > e-local

Please create your personal username and password first; then you can explore E-LOCAL! The password of the course folder is yliopisto.

How to access the E-LOCAL learning environment: guidelines on how to get started

The E-LOCAL courses are a great tool for you, if you are planning to
• travel abroad to study, work, or to have a holiday,
• broaden your knowledge about languages and cultures, or
• have fun learning!

E-LOCAL language courses were made with support from the European Commission and in collaboration with universities and high schools around Europe. The coordinator is the University of Bologna in Italy.

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