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Courses and modules

Codedescending Namedescending ECTS Credits Organisationdescending Functions
UYTY1100 Community Art and Environment Studies 25 ECTS cr. / 15 cu  Faculty of Art and Design  
UART1111 Snow and Ice Media Expression 5 ECTS cr. / 2 cu     
UYTY0121 Introduction to Community Art & Environment 2 ECTS cr. / 1 cu     
UYTY0123 Optional theoretical study 1 ECTS cr.     
UYTY0201 Fire Sculpture Workshop 2 ECTS cr.     
UYTY0202 Snow and Ice Sculpture 2 ECTS cr.     
UYTY0205 Ice Sculpture 2 ECTS cr. / 1 cu     
UYTY0206 Environmental Art Workshop 2 ECTS cr.     
UYTY0212 Optional workshop 2 ECTS cr.