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Courses and modules

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Codedescending Namedescending ECTS Credits Organisationdescending Functions
UKUV1600 Advanced Studies in Art Education 85 ECTS cr.  Faculty of Art and Design  
LKAS3113 Child’s Rights and Position in Multiprofessional Collaboration 5 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0118 Applications in Media Education 3 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0120 Visual Art and Art Education 5 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0121 Advanced Art Project in Art Education 6 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0122 Project organization and management 2 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0127 Architecture Education 4 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0155 Traditions of Art Education 3 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0604 Required Reading II 3 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0611 Master's Seminar and Thesis 40 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0614 Optional Research Methods I 3 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0615 Optional Research Methods II 3 ECTS cr.     
UKUV0629 Art Education Research Methods 3 ECTS cr.    Search for instruction 
UKUV0635 Advanced Project in Art Education 6 ECTS cr.     
UVER0111 Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts 3 ECTS cr.     
UYLE0347 Introduction to the Northern Art 3 ECTS cr.     
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