Study guide's TTK - Service Design 18-19, 2018-19 information (E)

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Courses and modules

Codedescending Namedescending ECTS Credits Organisationdescending Functions
UPAMU1000 Service Desing 25 ECTS cr.  Faculty of Art and Design  
UPAMU1002 Visual Brand 3 ECTS cr.     
UPAMU1003 Service Design Process and Methods 3 ECTS cr.     
UPAMU1004 Design for Business 4 ECTS cr.     
UPAMU1005 Public Service Design 4 ECTS cr.     
UPAMU1006 Service Design Management 4 ECTS cr.     
UPAMU1001 Introduction to Design Thinking 2 ECTS cr.  Faculty of Art and Design  
YMAR1103 Services Marketing 5 ECTS cr.  Faculty of Social Sciences