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Courses and modules

Codedescending Namedescending ECTS Credits Organisationdescending Functions
XVEN0200 Russian: Language Use and Culture (CEFR B2) 25 ECTS cr.  Language Centre  
TVEN0201 Russian: Reading Comprehension (CEFR B1) 3 ECTS cr.     
TVEN0206 Russian: Project and Networking Skills (CEFR B1) 2 ECTS cr.     
XVEN0221 Russian: Repetition Course (CEFR B1) 2-4 ECTS cr.     
XVEN0222 Russian: Listening Comprehension (CEFR B1) 3-4 ECTS cr.     
XVEN0224 Russian: Oral Skills 1 (CEFR B1) 3 ECTS cr.     
XVEN0225 Russian Culture and Russia Today 3-5 ECTS cr.     
XVEN0227 Russian: Oral Skills 2 (CEFR B2) 3 ECTS cr.     
XVEN0228 Russian: Writing (CEFR B1-B2) 3-5 ECTS cr.