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Master’s degree programme in Tourism, Culture and International Management (TourCIM) has been created to respond to the needs of cultural and tourism industries. The two-year master’s degree programme will provide the opportunities for graduates to gain knowledge and education in international business and international management as well as cultural experience and heritage, tourism being seen as a modern link between them. Single oriented education is no longer meeting the demands of the changing world and the targets of the EU as the knowledge based society. The TourCIM curriculum will increase the competitiveness and employability of the graduates and promote their entrepreneurial spirit. The TourCIM degree will open the graduates a diversity of career paths in the field of tourism. They are able to work in private companies, national and international projects, organizations and institutions etc. as project managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, service product developers and producers.

The programme consists of tourism research studies (60 ECTS), TourCIM studies (30 ECTS) and of a specialisation study module, which can include internship, exchange studies or minor subject studies.

In addition to the programme courses, there is also a set of supplementary studies that should be completed during the first year of study along with the courses of the actual master's degree programme. The maximum number of credits in supplementary studies is 30 ECTS equaling full workload for one semester.

The aim of the supplementary studies is to give the students from various backgrounds the sufficient knowledge for the courses in the master's degree programme. The number of supplementary studies depends on the content of the previous degree of a student and will be agreed in detail together with the teacher tutor at the beginning of the studies