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Media Education 15 ECTS

MEDU3101 Research on Media Education 5 ECTS

MEDU3105 Internet Use and Psychosocial Well-Being 5 ECTS

MEDU3106 Theoretical Approaches to Media Culture 5 ECTS

Elective studies 10 ECTS

MEDU3107 Diversity in Media Education 5 ECTS
MEDU3104A Media Education Literature: Media in Teaching and Learning 5 ECTS
MEDU3104B Media Education Literature: Media in Society 5 ECTS
MEDU3104C Media Education Literature: Media and Psychosocial Well-being 5 ECTS
KKAS3117 Internationalization Studies 5-10 ECTS

These courses can be selected from the course offering from the whole University of Lapland. University of Lapland is also a member of many networks offering courses for the students of University of Lapland. It is advisable to agree about the suitability of a course with the Media Education academic staff before enrolment to the course.

Practical Training 10 ECTS

MEDU3700 Practical Training 8 ECTS

MEDU3800 Reflection on Practical Training 2 ECTS

Methodology 20 ECTS

TUTA0311 Qualitative Analysis 5 ECTS

TUTA0212 Quantitative methods 5 ECTS

KMEN1310 Research Methods for the Online World 5 ECTS

KENG0005 Academic Writing (CEFR B2) 5 ECTS

Master Thesis and seminars 40 ECTS

MEDU3011 Research Seminar I 5 ECTS

MEDU3012 Research Seminar II 5 ECTS

MEDU3013 Thesis 30 ECTS

MEDU3014 Maturity test

Bridging Studies 25 ECTS

MEDU2207 Introduction to Global Media Education 5 ECTS

MEDU2208 Theoretical Approaches to Media Use and Psychosocial Well-being 5 ECTS

MEDU2203 Critical Media Analysis 5 ECTS

MEDU2209 Media Educator in Working Life 5 ECTS

MEDU2205 Pedagogical Models in Educational Use of ICT's 5 ECTS

YMEN1804 Scientific Information Retrieval 2 ECTS