Teksti Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot

Graphic Design 2017-2018 

-       courses offered are from 2nd  and 3rd  study year

-       2-3 students chosen for exchange studies per semester



AGRA0502 Workshop in Graphic Design                               3 cr.

AGRA0502 Workshop in Graphic Design                               3 cr.

AGRA0902 Visualisation of Information                                4 cr.

UMUO1243 Design Project or Production                              7 cr.

AGRA0501 Literature in Graphic Design                               2 cr.

Art and Design Studies:

MAAD1102 Introduction to Arctic Cultures                            5 cr.

UART1102 Finnish Design                                                   4 cr.

*UART1101 Fine Art Excursion in Lapland                            5 cr.

UART1105 Introduction to service design                             5 cr.         

Literature Exams:

UART1114 History of Design and Architecture in Finland        4-8 cr.


* max. 10 exchange students from the whole faculty are accepted