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Arctic Studies Programme, autumn 2017

The ASP is designed for Finnish and international degree and exchange students. The courses are taught in English. ASP studies are basic level studies and are taught during the autumn semester (periods 1-2; the beginning of September to mid-December). The studies can be completed by taking either individual courses or the entire 30 ECTS module. The Arctic Studies Program does not award a degree. If they complete the module successfully in its entirety, students can count it as a minor toward their degree.

Basic-level studies (30 ECTS) consist of five compulsory courses (ASPB1101–1105) and one optional course (ASPB1106). Please note that these courses are offered only in autumn semester. The structure of the programme is not fixed and it may change from year to year.

ASPB1100 Arctic Studies Programme 30 ECTS
ASPB1101 Introduction to the Arctic 5 ECTS
ASPB1102 Arctic Ecosystems and Adaptation of Species to Arctic Environment 5 ECTS
ASPB1103 Arctic Politics and Law 5 ECTS
ASPB1104 Peoples, Culture and Identities of the Arctic 5 ECTS
ASPB1105 Sustainable Development, Natural Resources and Economy in the North 5 ECTS
ASPB1106 Arctic Studies Program, Alternative Courses 5 ECTS*
*Alternative Courses: Any other courses in English with an Arctic focus. These may be completed by attending seminars dealing with the Arctic.