Oppaan KTK / Education - Courses in English 18, 2018-19 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Erilliset opintokokonaisuudet Opintojaksot

GKAS3411 The Phenomenon of Globalization & Cultural Diversity, 7 ECTS

GKAS3412 Human Rights, Global Ethos and the Problem of Religion, 6 ECTS

GKAS3413 Civic Education, Good Governance & Active Citizenship, 7 ECTS

GKAS3414 Theory & Research of Global Education, 5 ECTS

IEDU0001 Early Childhood Practice, 6 ECTS

IEDU0002 The Reflective Report on Early Childhood Practice, 4 ECTS

IEDU0003 Primary School Experience with 7-8 year olds, 6 ECTS

IEDU0004 The Reflective Report on Primary School Practice, 4 ECTS

IEDU0005 Special and Inclusive Education (school experience), 4 ECTS

IEDU0008 Teaching English as a foreign language, 3 ECTS

IEDU0009 The implementation of inclusive education in school, 4 - 8 ECTS

KTYL0201 Finnish System of Education, 2 ECTS

LAER0321 Oral Skills, 5 ECTS

LAER0322 Children's Literature, 3 ECTS

LAER0324 Grammar and Writing, 3 ECTS

LAER0325 Phonetics and Pronunciation, 5 ECTS

LAER0327 English Didactics, 4 ECTS

LAER0328 Communicative Materials, 2 ECTS

LAER0330 Introduction to the study of language, 1 ECTS

LAER0331 From English to World Englishes, 2 ECTS

LAPE1622 Teaching other languages:, 4 ECTS

LKAS2201 CLIL for primary teachers, 3 ECTS

LKAS3106 Teachers' professional and personal development Finnish and international perspectives, 3 ECTS

LTAS0101 Observation Period Leading to the Teaching Experience, 2 - 4 ECTS

LTAS0202 Teaching Experience, 4 - 8 ECTS

LTAS0203 The Teaching Experience Reflective Report, 1 ECTS

MEDU2203 Critical Media Analysis, 5 ECTS

MEDU2205 ICT in Teaching and Learning, 5 ECTS

MEDU2207 Introduction to Global Media Education, 5 ECTS

MEDU2208 Theoretical Approaches to Media Use and Psychosocial Well-being, 5 ECTS

MEDU2209 Media Educator in Working Life, 5 ECTS

MEDU3101 Research on Media Education, 5 ECTS

MEDU3104A Literature II Media in Teaching and Learning, 5 ECTS

MEDU3104B Literature II Empowerment, Control and Influence of Media, 5 ECTS

MEDU3104C Literature II Media in the Lives of Individuals and Cummunities, 5 ECTS

MEDU3105 Internet Use and Psychosocial Well-Being, 5 ECTS

MEDU3106 Approaches to Media Culture, 5 ECTS

MEDU3107 Diversity in Media Education, 5 ECTS

WSTU1513 Woman in History, 5 ECTS

WSTU1514 Women in the North, 5 ECTS

WSTU1515 Gender in Culture and Society, 5 ECTS

WSTU1518 Gendered Education, 5 ECTS

WSTU1519 Introduction to Women's Studies, 5 ECTS