Oppaan TTK - Community, Art and Environment, 2018-19 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Erilliset opintokokonaisuudet Opintojaksot

Programme Overview

Community, Art and Environment Studies is a non-degree programme of the Department of Art Education in the Faculty of Art and Design. The programme is designed for Finnish and foreign degree students as well as international exchange students in the Faculty of Art and Design. Lectures are in English and tutoring is given in English while Finnish is used as a main language. Students may choose and complete individual courses or the whole programme of 25 ECTS cr. Completion of the whole program will take a full academic year: courses start at the beginning of autumn and last until the end of May. 

Students and Studies

Community, art and environment study module is offered every year in the Department of Art Education. In this study module students can concentrate on either environmental art issues or on performative art questions. Community, art and environment studies provide students with the basic skills to carry out environment and community art. In addition, students are provided with the skills to apply new methods in combining the fields of art education and the activities of various art and cultural institutions, organizations and informal communities. The purpose of these studies is to refine students own artistic skills and reform the work between different organizations, communities and art education.

This study module aims to familiarize students with the strategy of site specific art, community art, performance art, land art, environmental art and art happenings. The module is set in the context of the Northern culture. Many of workshops take place in outdoor environment in Rovaniemi and surroundings or further north in Lapland.

More information on structure of studies and courses is available in  WebOodi.

While the programme is a non-degree program, it is open for students who are already studing in the University of Lapland as degree students or exchange students. 

Coordination and Contacts

Faculty of Art and Design / Department of Art Education