Oppaan ART/TTK - Interior and Textile Design Spring Module 18-19, 2018-19 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot

Interior and Textile Design

Exchange students are integrated into the classes where majority of the students are Finnish. Thus the language of instruction is also Finnish. Exchange students will get individual tutoring by the teachers. The studies are supported by literature, presentations and exercises in English.  
There is a limited number of places available to each course.
If necessary, the study plan is revised after student’s arrival at the university together with the academic tutor teacher to meet the student’s goals.  

Interior and Textile Design:
FTEK1012 Textile History                                                              2 cr.

FTEK3202 Experimental Textile Expression Workshop                      6 cr.
FTEK3203 Art textile project                                                     5-10 cr.
FTES7001 Advanced Project (For master students only)              5-10 cr.

Art and Design Studies: 

UART1103 Art and Visual Culture in the North                                 3 cr.

UART1114 History of Design and Architecture in Finland                4-8 cr.

UART1102 Finnish Design                                                               4 cr.  

UART1105 Introduction to Service Design                                        5 cr.