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MEDU3101 Research on Media Education 3 ECTS cr.
MEDU3105 Internet Use and Psychosocial Well-Being 5 ECTS cr.
MEDU2208 Theoretical Approaches to Media Use and Psychosocial Well-being 5 ECTS cr.
MEDU2209 Media Educator in Working Life 5 ECTS cr.
MEDU3106 Theoretical Approaches to Media Culture 5 ECTS cr.
MEDU3107 Diversity in Media Education 5 ECTS cr.
GKAS3413 Civic Education, Good Governance & Active Citizenship 7 ECTS cr.
GKAS3414 Theory & Research of Global Education 5 ECTS cr.
TVTO0109 Playful Learning 3 ECTS cr.
IEDU001 Early Childhood Practice and the Reflective Report 6 ECTS cr.
IEDU0002The Reflective Report on Early Childhood Practice 4 6 ECTS cr.
IEDU0003 Primary School Experience and The Reflective Report 6 ECTS cr.
IEDU0004 The Reflective Report on Primary School Practice 4 ECTS cr.
IEDU0008 Teaching English as a foreign language 3 ECTS cr.