Oppaan YTK - Arctic Studies Programme - sivuaine 20-21, 2020-21 tiedot

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The Arctic Studies Programme



Academic Coordinator Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann



Programme Overview

The Arctic Studies Programme (ASP) offers a unique opportunity to specialize in Arctic issues while studying at the university located at the Arctic Circle. The approach of the ASP is truly multidisciplinary and provides comprehensive inside knowledge of the physical, environmental, social and cultural aspects of the Arctic.

The ASP is organized and coordinated by the Arctic Centre and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Lapland. The courses are taught by senior scientists and other researchers of the Arctic Centre. The Arctic scholars provide an advanced understanding of the Arctic region as ‘lived-in space’ sharing the knowledge from their relevant professional research fields. While focusing on the specific regional characteristics, the course gives also an opportunity to view the Arctic in the context of local processes, national perspectives and global values.

After completion of the programme the student is able to:

- describe the environmental, political, cultural, social, juridical and economic features of the Arctic

- apply and use the knowledge of the Arctic provided by natural, social and political sciences, economics and law

- locate the Arctic and Arctic issues in the context of broader discussions on environmental, socio-economic, political, cultural and legal questions

- demonstrate improved knowledge in different approaches and multidisciplinary character in Arctic research

- judge the viability of information given, e.g. in media, and write an academic paper.

Please note that the Arctic Studies Programme ASP does not award a degree! If the module is completed successfully, it can be counted as a minor toward a degree.


Students and Studies

The ASP is designed for Finnish and foreign degree students, exchange students, and special groups. The courses are taught in English. ASP studies in the autumn semester are basic level studies and are taught during the autumn semester (periods 1–2), from the beginning of September to mid-December.

The studies can be completed by either taking individual courses or taking part in the whole 25 ECTS module. Three optional (5 ECTS and 1 ECTS) courses are offered in the semester 2020. Students are required to register for all individual courses in advance by using WebOodi/Peppi system.


STRUCTURE OF STUDIES, Academic year 2020 - 2021

ASPB1100 Arctic Studies Programme, Basic level studies (25 ECTS compulsory and 7 ECTS optional courses)

Basic level studies consist of five compulsory courses (ASPB1101–1105) and three optional courses ASPB1106 (1, 2, 3). Please note that this non-degree minor programme is offered only once a year in autumn semester.

ASPB1101 Introduction to the Arctic 5 ECTS

ASPB1102 Arctic Ecosystems and Adaptation of Species to Arctic Environment 5 ECTS

ASPB1103 Arctic Governance and Law 5 ECTS

ASPB1104 People and Cultures of the Arctic 5 ECTS

ASPB1105 Human Rights and Security in the Arctic 5 ECTS

ASPB1106(1) Indigenous (Sámi) spirituality and religious beliefs (optional course) 5 ECTS

ASPB1106(2) Food security and sovereignty in the Arctic (optional course) 1 ECTS

ASPB1106 (3) Arctic: Home for people and animals (optional course) 1 ECTS

Language of instruction: English