Oppaan YTK - China: Domestic, Global and Arctic Trajectories (30 ECTS) - sivuaine 20-21, 2020-21 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot

China: Domestic, Global and Arctic Trajectories (30 ECTS)

China is rapidly becoming a genuine super power. This minor studies program provides a unique
opportunity to gain an interdisciplinary insight in to the rising and increasingly heterogenic China and
its escalating engagement in the Arctic regions. This minor program- me is special, not only in the
sense that it provides a complementary and comprehensive understanding of domestic driving
forces, consistencies and inconsistencies of globalizing China, but focuses on Chinese increasing
activities in the Arctic regions.

The completion of the minor studies program will provide students good skills, conceptual and
theoretical tools of understanding domestic trajectories of globalizing China and enable students to
successfully interact with Chinese institutions and individuals in global and regional (Arctic) context.
The program is designed for Finnish and foreign degree students, exchange and Open university
students from all disciplines. Leading national and visiting international specialists in their respective
fields teach in the program. The teaching language is English. Study material are in English and
consist and written, video and documentary material.

The minor studies program consists of six 5 study credits courses of which students can freely
choose the required 25 study credits for their minor studies. Teaching period of the courses extends
over the whole academic year. Studies can be completed by taking individual courses or completing
the whole minor program. Students are required to register for all courses in advance by using
WebOodi system.