Oppaan YTK - China: Domestic, Global and Arctic Trajectories; Before and After Corona Era - sivuaine 20-21, 2021-22 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot

This China focused minor studies program provides a unique opportunity to study China domestic trajectories and China’s pivotal global role “Before-Corona” (BC) era and in the unfolding “After-Corona” (AC) world system.

Corona virus has challenged and eventually will alter drastically our lives, societies and global system. China was one of the pivotal global players in the “Before-Corona” world order. China’s domestic and global trajectories will eventually shape our common destiny in the unfolding “After-Corona” era. However, simultaneously corona is challenging China’s leading Communist Party and is shaking Chinese political system. Hence, there are broadly two opposing scenarios. If Beijing succeeds to tackle domestic challenges, it will increase its relative global power and dominance in relation to other powers. However, if Beijing will be impotent in solving domestic challenges, the global community will face tremendous political and economic challenges.

This minor program is special, not only in the sense, that it provides an understanding of trajectories in history, culture, politics, society, media, law and economy of “Before-Corona” China, but moreover provides hands on analysis on how the virus challenges and alters Chinese society, how Beijing is rapidly adapting their global strategies, including in the Arctic regions during our unfolding “after-corona” era.


The program is designed for Finnish and foreign degree students, exchange and Open university students from all disciplines. Leading national and visiting international specialists in their respective fields teach in the program. The teaching language is English. Study material are in English and consist of written, video and documentary material.

In addition, it is also possible to study China related courses on a more advanced level at University of Lapland. For interested students please check more information about “Advanced Course in Chinese Philosophy and Politics”, “Seminar on Chinese Philosophy” and for Finnish speaking students “Klassisen kiinankielen kansallinen kurssi” on Peppi platform.


Optional courses

Optional China related courses (YMAT1108, YMAT1109 and YMAT1110) are for researchers or students who want to gain a deeper knowledge of Chinese history of thought.

Students who have accomplished China minor program, have otherwise substantial knowledge of China (i.e. Chinese history of thought) or have accomplished master level studies in Western political philosophy can participate in “Advanced Chinese Philosophy” course and “Chinese Philosophy” seminars.