Oppaan SOC/YTK - Tourism, Culture and International Manag, 2021-22 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Tutkintorakenteet Opintojaksot

The Master’s degree programme in Tourism, Culture and International Management (TourCIM) has been created to meet the demand for professionals with the ability to develop and execute responsible tourism. The two-year Master’s degree programme provides you with knowledge and tools necessary to work on the interface between the production and consumption of tourism experiences. The TourCIM programme offers an exceptional combination of current issues in tourism, management and cultural studies.

The TourCIM programme is based on the assumption that an in-depth understanding of the values underlying business strategies and consumption practices are essential for the development of responsible tourism. Our teaching and research reflect this premise and consider cultural and lifestyle-related research and knowledge, in particular, as crucial for gaining insights into existing and future tourism markets.

TourCIM provides a sound grounding for tourism- and hospitality related careers. It prepares you for identifying opportunities, working innovatively and critically evaluating tourism production and consumption practices. The programme will boost your credentials as a tourism and hospitality professional in private and public tourism organisations, or will provide you with the knowledge needed to develop your own business. The TourCIM degree will open up a range of career paths in fields such as management, entrepreneurship, service design, planning, consultancy or research.


What will you learn?

- To understand contemporary lifestyle-related consumption and trends
- To understand the link between cultural industries and tourism
- To gain expertise in designing and managing responsible tourism
- To use versatile methodological tools to gain and understand market knowledge.