Oppaan TTK - Master's program in Arctic Art & Design, 2021-22 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Tutkintorakenteet Opintojaksot

Master’s Degree Programme in Arctic Art and Design 120 cr. 

MAAD1101 Orientation, Career Planning & Portfolio 3 cr. 
MAAD1102 Introduction to Arctic Cultures 5 cr. 
MAAD1103 Arctic Art, Design and Innovation 5 cr.
YMEN1804 Scientific Information Retrieval 2 cr.
XPUH0021 Academic Speech Communication  2 cr.
XENG0005 Academic Writing for International Master's Degree Students (CEFR B2) 3 cr.

UMUO4005 Arts-Based and Community-Based Participatory Research Approaches 3 cr.
UMUO4012 Reseach for Designers 3 cr.
MDEN0118 Participatory Design and Interactive Prototypes 3 cr.
MAAD1204 Project Management 5 cr.
MAAD1205 Arctic Art and Design Project 10 cr.
MAAD1206 Entrepreneur Studies 3 cr. 
MAAD1207 Literature:Applied Visual Arts & Service Design 3 cr.
MAAD1210 Master’s Thesis and Seminar 40 cr.
UYTY0117 Socially and environmentally Engaged Art 5 cr.
UYTY0115 Art and Environment Design 2 cr.
UYTY0116 Socially-engaged Art 2 cr.

Choose 8 cr. from the following options:
UYTY0107 Introduction to Community, Art and Environment Studies 4 cr
UYTY0106 Space, Time and Place Workshop 3 cr.
UYTY0202 Winter Art in Tourism 2 cr.    or
UYTY0205 Winter Art in Community 2 cr.
UYTY0206 Environmental Art Workshop 2 cr.  
UYTY0211 Art in the Build Environment 2 cr.  
UYTY0212 Optional workshop  2 cr.  

ELECTIVE STUDIES 15 CR. Students can choose elective studies according to their interest. Possible studies can be e.g.:
UART1105 Introduction to Service Design 5 cr.,
MTEO0613 Advanced Industrial Design project / Interaction Design 10 cr.,
MTEO0614 Advanced Industrial Design project / Service Design 10 cr.
AAVM0305 Practical Training 5 - 15 cr. 
Courses from Arctic Studies Programme e.g. 29ASPB1106 Arctic Studies Programme
Finnish Language Courses or other courses offered in English.