Study guide's YTK - Tourism, Culture and International Management 17-19, 2017-18...2018-19 information (E)

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TourCIM has been created to respond to the needs of cultural and tourism industries. The two-year master's degree programme offers students the chance to gain knowledge and education in international business and international management, as well as cultural experience and heritage, tourism being seen as a modern link between the two.

In addition to programme courses, there is also a set of supplementary studies that should be completed during the first year of study along with the courses of the actual master's degree programme. The aim of the supplementary studies isĀ“to give the students from various backgrounds sufficient knowledge for the courses in the master's degree programme. The number of supplementary studies depends on the content of the previous degree of a student and will be agreed in detail together with the teacher tutor at the beginning of the studies. The maximum number of credits in the supplementary studies 30 ECTS equaling full workload for one semester. Hence the actual duration of the programme varies from 2 - 2,5 years.