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TEACH AND LEARN - Pair Work Programme (2 ECTS)

In addition to its' regular courses and programmes, the Language Centre offers the Teach and Learn pair work programme, in which students teach each other their respective native languages and cultures while documenting their progress in a study journal.

Any two native languages are possible. However, teaming up with a Finnish partner provides an additional means to learn the ropes of living in Finland.

The programme is aimed at learners on all levels, including beginners. The total scope is 50 hours, 25 hours per language.

Having completed the course, both students earn 2 ECTS. The typical evaluation is pass/fail, and the grades may be given based on the study journal. The credits given are accompanied by the code of the language that the student studied in the programme (e.g. Finnish for Foreigners XFIN0010, Russian XVEN0010). As a rule, you can get 2 ECTS/code but if a student has completed the same course twice, for technical reasons, the same course cannot be passed and registered twice. Therefore, should a student take two Teach and Learn-courses in the same language, it will be registered as one 4 ECTS course, after completion. The course is optional and supplementary: it does not replace other language courses.


1. Please print out and study carefully all necessary forms.

2. Find yourself a partner whose mother tongue you wish to learn and who is interested in learning yours.

3. Prepare a study plan and make it as exact as possible, including a rough schedule for 50 hours of work and the goals to be pursued (e.g. conversation skills, reading skills, cultural topics, etc.).

4. Present your study plan to Valentina Katainen (for pairs including a Russian partner), or Pia Eriksson (for all pairs except Russian):,
Main building, E-wing, 2nd floor

5. After your plan has been approved, study according to your plan and document all the topics and materials used during the meetings.

6. At the end of the programme, fill out the self-assessment form. Present the form along with your study journal to the teacher who approved your plan.