Study guide's Philosophy of science and general research skills, 2018-19 information (E)

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The studies Philosophy of science and general research skills (20 ECTS credits) – or more informally known as joint studies – are open to all ULapland doctoral candidates. Joint studies provide doctoral candidates with an ability to independently and critically apply scientific research methods in creating new academic information.
Joint studies are divided into five modules:

1) Scientific thinking and argumentation skills (3–6 ECTS cr.)
2) Orientations in the philosophy of science and methodological starting points (2–6 ECTS cr.)
3) Research ethics (2–6 ECTS cr.)
4) Research skills (2–6 ECTS cr.)
5) Methodological skills (2–6 ECTS cr.).

One module can have a selection of many courses to choose from or only a couple of options. The modules focus on themes, but courses from different modules can discuss or contain references to the same themes. There is no specific order in which courses should be taken, but individual courses can have recommendations about previous studies. There are courses both in autumn and spring terms in all modules.

All modules have courses both in English and Finnish. It is possible to take many courses in those two languages, but other languages can also be possible depending on the course; please consult the teacher. Naturally, this does not concern courses focused on improving language skills in a specific language.

The course description is presented in the language of the course. If the course is implemented in both English and Finnish, the description is available in both language versions of WebOodi.