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XICP0200 Intercultural Communication Programme (ICP) (25 ECTS)

Programme Aim

In a globalizing world, communication between people of different cultural background is more and more common. Unfortunately, such intercultural communication is hardly ever without problems. Misunderstandings, misinterpretations, prejudice and conflict occur frequently. The purpose of the Intercultural Communication Programme (ICP, 25 ECTS) is to create an understanding of cultural differences: how they can be understood systematically, how do they affect communication, and how can we deal with them successfully?

Next to compulsory courses in different aspects of intercultural communication, courses widening or deepening participants’ knowledge of cultural variety or of communication may be included.

The ICP is suitable for Finnish and exchange students alike. Anyone is free choose individual courses according to their own interests, even if they do not aim to complete the entire ICP.

Programme Structure

The ICP (25 ECTS) consists of two modules:

1. Courses in Intercultural Communication (13-25 ECTS)
2. Courses in specific cultures, courses in communication or courses with an intercultural focus (0-12 ECTS)

About the Modules

Module 1 covers theories and their application in Intercultural Communication.
Module 2 allows participants to give their personal ICP an individual direction. Participants may choose courses dealing with specific cultures they are interested in, they may deepen their understanding of culture and/or of communication, or they may include courses from their major or minor subjects, which have an intercultural dimension.

When planning your personal ICP, please be in touch with the programme coordinator for approval of the courses you would like to include.

Programme Coordination

The programme coordinator is: 
Senior Lecturer Jörn Severidt
Language Centre
Tel. +358 (0) 40 484 4445 


Detailed Programme Description

XICP0200 Intercultural Communication Programme (ICP) (25 ECTS)

The ICP consists of two modules:

Module 1 XICP0201 Intercultural Communication: Theories and their Application, 13-25 ECTS 

These three courses are compulsory:
XICP0211 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 5 ECTS
XICP0212 Reflections on Intercultural Communication 4-5 ECTS
XICP0213 Dimensions of Intercultural Communication 4-5 ECTS

XICP0230 Culture Difference Diary 4 ECTS (PLEASE NOTE: This course is only for students of the University of Lapland, to be completed during an international internship or study exchange. It cannot be completed in Finland.)

Additional courses are organized infrequently, depending on the availability of teachers. Please check WebOodi for available courses, or contact the programme coordinator. Courses in Intercultural Communication completed at other universities, e.g. during an exchange, may be included under the code XICP0201 Intercultural Communication: Theories and their Application.

Module 2 XICP0202 Intercultural Communication: Further Studies, 0-12 ECTS:
Courses in Culture, Communication or other Courses with an Intercultural Focus.

Courses in specific cultures organized by the Language Centre include:

XICP0233 Understanding the German-speaking countries 3 ECTS
XICP0224 Understanding Finland 2 ECTS
XICP0228 Understanding Your Own Culture 2 ECTS (PLEASE NOTE: This course is only available to students who have completed at least one contact course in Intercultural Communication!)
XFIN0230 Finnish Culture 3 ECTS
XFIN0229 Suomalainen elämäntapa, taide ja kulttuuri 2 op (taught in Finnish!)
XENG0202 USA: Society and Culture 3 ECTS
XENG0203 Britain: Society and Culture 3 ECTS
XENG0210 Australia: Society and Culture 3 ECTS
XVEN0225 Venäjän kulttuuri ja maantuntemus 5 op (taught in Finnish!)
XITA0007 Understanding Italy 3 ECTS
XKII0007 Understanding China 3 ECTS
XRAN0008 Understanding France 3 ECTS

Courses with an intercultural focus taught by the faculties include:

UART1103 Art and Visual Culture in the North 3 ECTS
WSTU1514 Gender in the North 5 ECTS
GKAS3311 The Phenomenon of Globalization 4 ECTS
GKAS3321 World Citizenship and Identity 4 ECTS
UKUL1110  Introduction to Northern Cultural History 4 ECTS
SSOS0209 Global Issues in Social Work 2–7 ECTS
YMAT1211 Cultural and Social Studies of Tourism 5 ECTS
ASPB1101 Introduction to the Arctic 5 ECTS
ASPB1104 Peoples, Culture and Identities of the Arctic 5 ECTS

PLEASE NOTE: The lists serve to give examples. They are nor complete. Individual courses on the lists might not be organized in a given year, their code or name might have changed. Also, courses not mentioned on the lists may be included, if the programme coordinator approves them.

Other, similar courses completed at other universities, e.g. during an exchange, may be included under XICP0202 Intercultural Communication: Further Studies.