Study guide's ART/TTK - Fine Art and Cultural Studies Spring Mod, 2019-20 information (E)

Information Courses Exams Courses and modules

UART1103 Art and Visual Culture in the North 3 cr.
UART1102 Finnish Design 4 cr.
UART1105 Introduction to service design5 cr.
UKUV0915 Excursion: Art in Public Spaces and Exhibitions 2 cr.
UYLE0302 Excursion to Finnish Cultural Monuments and Exhibitions 2 cr.
UVAP0161 Adaptation Charting 3 cr.
UYLE0228 Independent Photography Studies Seminar 4 cr.
UKUV0621 Art Practice in Context 16 cr. *
Workshops in Fine Art 7 cr. *
UYTY0116 Socially-engaged Art 2 cr. 


* These courses are available only for students who are studying in the Faculty of Art and Design the whole academic year.