Study guide's OTK/LAW - Courses in English 20-21#, 2020-21 information (E)

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WebOodi is a system for registration on courses and for browsing the courses for course information (methods, contents, requirement etc.).
Study modules may include many methods, not only lectures -> see Courses and modules for making your study plan.

• The subpage Courses and modules -> includes courses with different methods like written examination, essay and possible lecture/seminar courses.
• The subpage Courses -> includes only lecture courses
• The subject studies are for the BA students. The advanced studies are for the MA students but the 3rd year BA student may choose from the advanced studies.
• Sometimes you see in course information 4 – 6 cr. -> choose what is best for the study plan, more cr. requires more time and effort, see the course information
requirements for 4 cr. and requirements for 6 cr.
• You can take some of the exams also in the electronic exam system any day that suites you during your studies.


Students get their user accounts for WebOodi system on orientation week. Before that the system is open for browsing the courses.

• Lecture course – registration through WebOodi until the course begins
• Individual essays without lectures – no registration via WebOodi, contact the teacher
• Book exam / literature exam / general exam (once a month): registration through WebOodi 10 days before the exam:
Questions in English
List the books you have chosen from the required reading list
Remember to cancel your registration if necessary
• Remember to cancel your registration if you change your mind.