Study guide's KIKE - Voluntary Courses: Chinese 20-21, 2020-21 information (E)

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Basic courses (CEFR A1-A2)

The basic courses are meant for students in every faculty. A basic course 1, e.g. XKII0001 Chinese 1, starts from the very basics, so no previous studies on the language are required. Those who have already studied a language are placed on course levels that match their skills. All types of language skills are practiced on the basic courses. The main focus, however, is on phonetics and basic grammar as well as on oral skills and listening comprehension.

The aim of the studies is to raise the students' active and passive language skills to an adequate level so that they make use of their language skills e.g. in student exchange programs.

XKII0001 Chinese 1 (CEFR A1) (3 ECTS)
XKII0002 Chinese 2 (CEFR A1) (3 ECTS)
XKII0003 Chinese 3 (CEFR A2) (3 ECTS)
XKII0004 Chinese 4 (CEFR A2) (3 ECTS)
XKII0013 Survival Chinese (CEFR A1) (3 ECTS)

Other language and culture courses

XKII0007 Understanding China (3 ECTS)
XKII0014 Chinese 5 (CEFR B1) (3 ECTS)