Oppaan ART/TTK - Art Education Autumn Module, 2018-19 tiedot

Teksti Opetus Tentit Opintojaksot


MAAD1102 Introduction to Arctic Cultures  5 cr.
UART1102 Finnish Design   4 cr.
UART1101 Fine Art Excursion in   Lapland  5 cr.
UYTY0107 Introduction to Art, Community and Environment Studies 4 cr.
UYTY0106 Space, Time, Place   2 cr.
UYTY0211 Art in a built environment 2 cr.
UKUV0507 Introduction to Finnish Art Education 2–3 cr.            
UART1114 History of Design and Architecture in Finland 4–8 cr.
UART1105 Introduction to service design 5 cr.
MAAD1103 Arctic Art, Design and Innovation 5 cr.
UMU04005 Arts-Based and Community-Based Research Approches 3 cr.