Study guide's KIKE - Languages and Cultures 25 ECTS 20-21, 2020-21 information (E)

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Languages and Cultures (25 ECTS) is an attractive minor subject solution if you wish to diversify your language and culture skills and to prepare yourself for today’s international work environments. The courses are divided in three modules: languages, cultures and intercultural communication.

Module 1: Languages (9-12 ECTS)

You may study at least two (2) but no more than four (4) languages.
Basic courses (European Reference level A1–A2) may not make up more than half of the ECTS included in this module.

All language courses organized by the Language Center can be found in WebOodi.
PLEASE NOTE: The following courses may not be included:
- Finnish students: courses in Finnish, Swedish or English
- International students: courses in the student’s own native language or in English.

Module 2: Cultures (9-12 ECTS)

You may take any course dealing with modern-day culture (a nation’s mentality, society, working life, etc.) but not courses dealing with cultural history.

The following courses organized by the Language Centre may be included:

XENG0202 USA: Society and Culture (3 ECTS)
XENG0203 Britain: Society and Culture (3 ECTS)
XENG0210 Australia: Society and Culture (3 ECTS)
XICP0233 Understanding the German-speaking Countries (3 ECTS)
XITA0007 Understanding Italy (3 ECTS)
XKII0007 Understanding China (3 ECTS)
XRAN0008 Understanding France (3 ECTS)
XRAN0232 La Francophonie Aujourd’hui: Questions d’Actualité (3 ECTS)
XVEN0009 Russian Culture Club (3 ECTS)

International students (but not Finnish students) may also include the following courses:
XFIN0229 Finnish Lifestyle, Art and Culture (2 ECTS) (online course)
XFIN0230 Finnish Culture (3 ECTS)

Module 3: Intercultural Communication (4-6 ECTS)

Either XICP0211 Introduction to Intercultural Communication (5-6 ECTS) or XICP0212 Reflections on Intercultural Communication (4-5 ECTS) can be included in this module.

Similar courses (organized on occasion by the Language Centre, completed during student exchange, etc.) can be included in the respective modules, if the Language Centre finds that they fit the profile.