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Courses and modules

Codedescending Namedescending ECTS Credits Organisationdescending Functions
ERKU1100 Specialisation education in Social Work, Empowering Social Work 70 ECTS cr.  Faculty of Social Sciences  
ERKU1101 Expertise of Empowering Social Work 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1102 Empowering Social Work within multi-level service system 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1103 Responsibilities and rights of workers and service users in mental health and substance abuse treatment 5-10 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1104 Psycho-social capabilities: practice-orientated research and skills 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1105 Conceptualising trauma, effects of trauma and healing methods 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1106 Social Rehabilitation, Functioning and Participation 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1107 Communal Social Work as a tool for fighting segregation 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1108 Developmental Evaluation in Social Work 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1109 Knowledge Production and Advocation in Social Work 5 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1110 Institutional practices and interaction in empowering social work as ways of doing, developing and researching social work 10 ECTS cr.     
ERKU1111 Scientific-practional diploma work 10 ECTS cr.